Thursday, August 30, 2012

On Purses

I admit that I have never really 'got' purses. Or bags. Or clutches. At least not in the same way that my girlfriends get purses. They get legit excited about them and though I don't get it myself, I love to listen to them talk about the new season's bags or compare their latest purchases. Bless them for loving and introducing me to an affordable line like Matt and Nat.

And it's not that I don't own a few bags, purses or even a great evening clutch myself (the clutch was gifted to me by a friend way more fashionable than I), it's just I don't understand the excitement over them. I see the functionality behind certain sizes and styles but really never shared the same love for the bag itself. I do have a favorite travel purse that has great pockets positioned well on the a great wide pocket for me to stash the passport and the phone and then a large middle section where my wallet, sunglasses, camera and various shit I want to keep close to my body goes, but again, it's about the functionality of that purse. It's about how much that purse can hold and how useful it is for me to access stuff inside of it. It is also the same purse that I think that the majority of girlfriends own, just in different colours that are much more daring that my white.

And I do try to learn from them when they show me a new purse that they got, or how they scored 4 purses on some crazy online end of season sale for like $20's just that I would never be the one to notice that it was a new purse unless they pointed it out to me or someone else noticed it first.

Maybe this makes me not a very good girl. Maybe. I also don't get shoes either, but purses less so.

But, I think I've hit a turning point! Or maybe this will be a one time moment of understanding...because I got f-cking excited about a purse. Yeah, it happened. Maybe a small step in my life of shopping as a female in the city...but it finally happened. I was browsing J Crew for a pair of pants I saw on the internet and then I came across this blue-purple little gem:

The colour. Man, that colour. But then I looked at the price tag and my heart sank as I debated spending $190 (with tax) on a tiny purse. I just couldn't justify. Not when I had just booked myself a last minute vacation to the Northern California.

But then I found myself thinking about it on my trip to San Francisco. Debated buying it there since the tax is less in California, but the boyfriend gave me a dirty look as I suggested we walk blocks out of our way to find J Crew when all he was thinking about was a mongolian beef breakfast wrap from HRD Coffee Shop. 4 weeks later and I am still thinking about that small blue-purple purse. Then, to my delight, it dropped in price this past weekend to $ clearly that meant it had to be right? Clearly.

So I am now the happy owner of the first purse I have truly coveted. The first purse I have been really excited about. Maybe this feeling will never come again but right now, I'm still excited about it. Who knew you could feel this way about a purse?

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