Saturday, September 22, 2012

Girl Crush: Because Smokes Cigars & Drinks Scotch

During the week Sarah from Cinesnark wrote up a post on Aisha Tyler being the proto Funny/Girl*. Sarah writes about why Aisha Tyler, even though she is talented, funny and beautiful, she never quite took to the mainstream:

My answer was that Aisha Tyler is six feet tall. She smokes cigars and drinks Scotch (and brews her own beer). She tells jokes about scratching her vagina in public—she tells jokes “like a man”. And she did it before the Funny/Girl was recognized as distinct from Funny Girls. She didn’t fit into the small, limited box the industry kept trying to put her in. -Lainey Gossip

Sarah is right on point on it. And it's because Tyler has all of those qualities that I have such a girl crush on her

*read Sarah's take on Funny/Girls from this earlier post

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