Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Change: Thoughts on Day 2

Day 2 was a breeze.

Honestly, this cleanse was easy. Not only was there tons of food, I had a ton of energy throughout my workday and even enough to power me through a workout at the gym. I honestly feel like I could go eating this for a week straight and it would be no big deal. For someone who doesn't eat this type of food regularly I could see it being hard but since I eat the foods that were recommended (even the prunes) on a regular basis it didn't feel like any sort of deprivation.

I liked that this cleanse was not one that focused on losing weight but instead focused on your body ridding itself of toxins. After the 48 hours not only did I feel good physically, I also felt like I felt good mentally.

So do I recommend the Dr. Oz cleanse? Yep. It wasn't difficult to do and I liked the focus on cleansing your body as opposed to losing weight. Next time I'll add in my modifications that I noted in my previous post and sub in an alternative to the green-juice to either veggies or an organic store bought veg/fruit juice.

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